She who must be obeyed

She who must be obeyed

NekoSan vital signs:

• Real Name: Kim Ramírez
• Nationality: Citizen of the World (1/2 Hankook)
• Blood Type: Yummy
• Location: Seattle, Washington 
• Favorite Food: Rice, noodles, kimchee
• Favorite Anime: Okay…..Ghost in the Shell Innocence. Wait! Millennium Actress. No….My Neighbor Totoro! It’s so hard to choose! @_@
• Favorite Manga: Anything Kazuo Koike





  • Photography
  • Anime
  • Asian Horror
  • Samurai Movies
  • Cosplay
  • LIVING...


Born in Germany (spoke French as my first language) and raised all over the world (Diplomat brat) I spent those “impressionable years” in Sagamihara, Japan. I lived all over Europe and Asia before coming to mainland America at 14.

My Mothers side of the family is Korean and lives in Hawaii; my Fathers side is French and finally settled in Pasadena, California. When you meet me I will tell you how they met! I live in Seattle, Washington with the “techie-geek-otaku” of my life, Roberto.

Roberto calls me a “techie-geek-otaku-paduan” so I guess that describes me best. To say that we are avid fans of Manga, Anime, figurines, robots, Asian horror would be an understatement. We talk about getting a bigger place for our growing collections!

Photographic Equipment:

  • Panasonic Lumix 
  • Canon EOS 40D
  • 18-55 mm Lens
  • 24-70 mm Macro Lens
  • 75-300 mm Telephoto Lens
  • 55-250 mm Lens with Image Stabilizer


I hope you like the pictures I've taken. By no means is this all of them! If you see yourself, or would like to see more pictures of your favorite voice actor or friend, send me a message.


Beto Jubei Vital Signs:

  • Real Name: Roberto Ramírez
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Blood Type: B+
  • Location: Santa Ana, California
  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Favorite Anime: Robot Carnival (oldie but still a great movie)


  • Watching Anime Samurai Movies, J-Horror
  • Edit video and Producing DVDs
  • Traveling and exploring new cities
  • Attending conventions and cultural events


Born and raised in Guadalajara, México, Roberto Ramírez fled the country at 22 after realizing there weren't any new Japanese comics within 25 miles of his home. He moved to sunny California where he started developing software for an international company in addition to some freelance writing, but now he is enjoying the weather in Seattle. He is a self-proclaimed "techie-geek-otaku" and an avid fan of Japanese comics, art, culture and animation.

Roberto is a published author:


Roberto has provided material and written several articles for Anime News Network covering various panels and event at AnimeExpo 2005: Masquerade, Cosplaying, Mechanize Propulsion Systems and AnimeNewsNetwork Panel

Video Equipment:

  • Canon XF100 HD Videocamera
  • Manfrotto MKC3-H01 Tripod with Induro fluid head
  • Sennheiser's ew 100 G2 Microphone and Receiver
  • Audio-Technica AT875R Microphone 


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