Bunka no Hi 2013 at the JCCCW

While we lived in California we were members of the JACCC (Japanese American Cultural & Community Center) in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. And we attended multiple events like the New Year's day celebration, Kabuki performances, Sumo tournaments and a plethora of cultural events.

Now that we have moved to Seattle we found its sister organization, the JCCCW (Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington) and by sheer coincidence they were celebrating their sixth annual Bunka no Hi "Culture Day" event at the beginning of November.

According to their web site, Bunka no Hi is JCCCW's premier annual cultural event and is a celebration of Japanese and Japanese American culture and heritage.

All the events were held inside the JCCCW headquarters consisting of two buildings joined by a corridor. These buildings contain multiple activity rooms, some small and some large.

You can walk freely around the two buildings to either attend different events happening during the day, or just explore the hallways and look at the old pictures and documents hanging on the walls telling the story not only of this center, but the Japanese community in Seattle at large.

We had lots of fun this day and we will be back next year.

Take a look at the pictures and video we took during this celebration.