Thank goodness for digital photography

In the Tentacle Couple team Kim is in charge of taking pictures, and for the longest time she was resistant to make the switch from her trusty 35mm film camera to the dark side of digital photography.

Once I got her the Canon Rebel XT digital camera she could not imagine going back to buying rolls of film, taking them to Costco to have them developed and then see how the pictures came out.

All I have to say is thank you technology.

I just finished going over all the pictures that she had taken for the last 4 years or so, that includes conventions like Anime Expo, Comic Con, and Dragon Con; events like New Years Celebration at Little Tokyo and China Town; and of course overseas travels to Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.

All and all we are talking about 6,500 pictures. That's a lot of shoe boxes.

Go to our photo album at ; once there, you can search for key words describing these pictures by clicking on the magnifying glass icon located in the lower left corner of the screen.

Try: 'Star Wars', 'Samurai', 'Adam Savage' or 'Parade' and you will see all the pictures related to these key words.

I hope you have fun looking at these pictures as much as we did taking them.

Roberto (Beto Jubei) Ramirez