Convention Season is a Go!

That is right, it is going to be a very busy Summer for us.

AM2 will start on June 15th and end the 17th at the Anaheim Convention Center, AnimeExpo will start on June 29th and end July 2nd at the Los Angeles Convention Center and Comic-Con will start on July 12th all the way to the 15th at the San Diego Convention Center.

After that, in August we have our only off-state convention (so far), Dragon*Con from August 31th to September 3rd in Atlanta, GA.

In order to start gearing up for the controlled chaos and non-stop fun that are these convention, I will start posting videos and pictures from past conventions.
By the way, I know that I have not been very active updating our web site with the videos and\or pictures from conventions but I believe this will change now that I have a new video camera (Canon's XF100) that uses no tape and records directly to Compact Flash cards, so the time that it will take to transfer-edit-publish will be greatly reduced.

Beto Jubei