50th Anniversary Celebration of Star Trek at the EMP

We had the opportunity to attend an event at the EMP to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Start Trek this past May 20th. It was a packed event with at least 60% of the people dress up as their favorite member of the Starfleet or a friendly Klingon.

After the welcoming speech was made the curator of the exhibition, Mr. Brooks Peck, he introduced the guests of honor: Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) and Brent Spiner (Data) to a very clamoring audience.

Beside having lots of fun talking about "the scene" between their characters in the "The Naked Now" episode, they discussed how Start Trek is still relevant in today's culture, education and ideology even when it has been ridiculed and made fun as a fading fad of over the years. 

The exhibition contains original costumes, props and furniture not only from the original TV series but for several of the subsequent movies and TV shows and like Enterprise, Voyager and Deep Space Nine.

You can voice over your best "Khaaan!" impression and see it\hear it instead of William Shatner's original scream; also, don't forget to get transported to a stranded cargo ship, defeat a mysterious enemy and return back to the safety of your ship.

You can find photos of the event here (but you really need to see it live), and video of Denise and Brent here.

Beto Jubei.