A Great Day 1 at Anime Expo

Today we started a little bit shake; we had to to some banking transactions in the morning before arriving to AX.

Arrived at about 11:20am (to late to see Saito's panel); picked our Premier Fan and Press passes and started hitting the hallways an taking picture and video all around us.

The space in front of the exhibition hall has packed with people waiting for the hall to be open.

We attended 4 panels today (2 from FUNimation, one for Aniplex and one about the origin of Anime Fandom) very educational.

Right now we are eating dinner at a Hooters restaurant less than a block from the convention center.

Today is the Anime Music Videos AMVs will start at 7:00pm and possible go all the way to midnight; long day.

We did not get an hotel in this area, so we will be driving back home tonight just in time to download movies, pictures, charge batteries, get a couple of hours of sleep so we can start again at the crack of dawn.

See you tomorrow.

Roberto Ramirez
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