Another 4th of July, another Anime Expo.

Once again this year's convention was held at the familiar grounds of the Los Angeles Convention Center and with an estimated 80k+ attendees (last year it maxed out at 61K people) it pushed not only the registration systems to its limits but also the brave volunteers that keep this convention together and the overall capacity of the convention center to handle the flow of people moving from one part of the building to the other trying to attend a panel.

I remember a line from the World War Z movie when Brad Pitt goes to Israel and meets with a mossad agent and he talks about the Tenth Man strategy, where if nine people agree on a plan or course of action, it is the responsibility of the Tenth Man to take the opposite stand and work towards that goal.

Maybe a Tenth Man could have said: "we are going to have more that 55k people trying to register on the first day", "critical data on the registration systems will be lost", "this year we are going to have an increase of attendance of more than 20%" and then workout a plan of action under these parameters.

Overall we have lots of fun and we were very lucky to be able to attend several key panels which I will be posting on out site daily.

Now if you excuse me, suddenly I have the need to wait in line in front of my bathroom... but nobody else is here... weird.